Planning the perfect party can be difficult and time consuming, but there is nothing quite like an outer space themed party to transport your guests to an alien world! From selecting the right venue to cleaning up afterwards, it is important to put in the effort to make sure your party is extra-terrestrial worthy. Follow these steps to ensure your out-of-this-world outer space themed party will be a cosmic success.

Choosing a Venue and Setting the Mood

The venue you choose will determine the mood and atmosphere of your party – so it is wise to invest some time finding the perfect space or even re-imagining a space to replicate an alien world. When thinking of venues, consider renting a planetarium or school science lab, as these can be excellent places to host an outer space themed party! If your budget won’t stretch that far, you can transform your own home using decorations, props and lighting effects to really set the mood.

Creating an Otherworldly Menu

Food is a key part of any successful party, and an outer space themed party should include some creative and extraterrestrial dishes. A popular dish at these types of parties is “astronaut ice cream” which is freeze-dried ice cream puff treats. Another delicious option is moon pies – which are gooey chocolate marshmallow treats. You can also serve snacks that are in the form of stars, planets and galaxies! Finally, there is nothing more out-of-this-world than galactic punch, which is a mix of fruit punch, sherbert and vodka.

Selecting Outer Space Themed Decorations

When decorating for an outer space themed party, it is important to create a vivid atmosphere. Some possible decorations could include streamers in neon colors, star cutouts in all shapes and sizes, astro-themed banners, glow-in-the-dark balloons, and glow paint or stars which could be painted on walls or ceilings. You could also add in touches of silver, purple and blue as accent colors. You can make your own decorations if you want to get creative.

Planning Fun and Engaging Activities

No party would be complete without fun and engaging activities! Have guests participate in a game of astro-themed charades, trivia questions about space exploration, foil rocket races, and science experiments. If you are feeling extra creative, why not add in a scavenger hunt where players have to search for objects throughout the night that tie into the theme? Kids would also love a face painting session with cosmic designs.

Crafting Creative Invitations

Sending out the invites for your outer space themed party should follow the same cosmic theme. A great way to do this is by creating your own invitations, using whatever materials and software that you have available. Get creative and include pictures of galaxies or rockets on the invite. There are websites which offer blank templates so that you can design your own extraterrestrial invites; alternatively, you can also purchase space themed pre-made cards.

Shopping for Extraterrestrial Costumes

Your guests may wish to dress up for your space-themed bash! This can add an extra level of fun – although making sure everyone has costumes is not always the easiest task. If you purchase the costumes ahead of time, they can come in handy for space themed birthday parties in the future! Plan and order them early enough so that you can choose from a wide selection.

Organizing Music for a Stellar Atmosphere

Music plays an important role in setting up any atmosphere. For an outer space themed party, try playing a playlist of electronic music with sci-fi sound effects. This will add an extra cosmic atmosphere to the night’s festivities. You could also theme the music to different planets or constellations which will add a fun twist. Don’t forget some funky dance tunes too – just make sure they don’t interfere with hearing your guests over all the other noise!

Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Party

Being a host can sometimes be a stressful task! To make your life easier before and during the big day, make sure to create a checklist of all the things you need to do and delegate tasks to friends or family if needed. Prepare as much as possible ahead of time, such as pre-making food or setting up decorations. Do this in time for the party so that you can focus on enjoying it without having any last minute worries.

After Party Clean-up and Thank You Notes

Don’t forget about the aftermath of your outer space themed party! After the night has come to an end, it is time for you to clean up and thank your guests for attending. It is always polite to thank each guest personally for coming – this can be done through a quick text or email. Clearing up at the end of the night may seem like a chore, but it will be worth it when there is absolutely no mess left behind!

Throwing an out-of-this-world outer space themed party is sure to be an out-of-this-world success! With the right venue, menu, decorations, activities and costumes, your guests will be sure to have an interstellar experience! Just remember to leave plenty of time for planning and organizing before your big night so that you can avoid any stress and host the best party ever.